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Students Account for M.Sc. Informatics

Apply for a new account

If you want to apply for an account for M.Sc. Informatics, please consider following:

  • You must be enrolled in University of Bonn as a Student and study M.Sc. Informatics as major subject.

To request creation of your account, please go to one of the account terminal (in the b-it entrance hall or in 0.014) or call the account web page auf. You'll have to make these inputs:

  • Click on “Create new account”
  • Read the instructions carefully
  • Please enter your (Bonn) Uni-ID as “University Email”, if applicable
  • Please enter the corresponding password as “University Password”, if applicable
  • Please enter all further fields according to the instructions found on that page
  • Please click “Create”, then on “Print Form” (account terminal) or “Download Form” (other computer) and print the request.

You can submit the signed request in the following ways:

  • Currently scanned (200-300dpi are enough) as e-mail to
  • GSG letter box (lecture hall building, locker room behind the janitor's office)
  • GSG office,room 0.014 in the Informatics building
  • as paper mail.

Our staff will enable the account if all inputs where acceptable. If successful, you'll get an automatic e-mail.

Extend your existing account


  • You have to study M.Sc. Informatics in University of Bonn

If you already have an CS account that nears its expiration, you'll have to create a renewal request online (only from the Informatics/b-it network) , sign it and send it to us. If you're not in the Informatics or b-it building, you can reach that link through a VPN or a SSH tunnel.Currently also reachable online from outside!

Please consider these points:

  • You'll have to enter the password corresponding to your account.


Where are the Account Terminals?​

One account terminal is in the b-it entrance hall. But you also can create your account creation of renewal request online.

"My Enrollment Number is not in the system"

This is usually the case when you were not yet enrolled while we got the list of the students. Please send us a verifiable enrollment certificate (PDF) via e-mail. You can create that yourself quickly on BASIS. The procedure is explained here.

"When do I have to renew my account?"

The CS or b-it identifier must be extended by 30 November of each year. The extension period is the beginning of the winter semester until the 30th of November of the same year. Please renew your account within the regular extension periods!

"My Account has expired"

If it was not possible for you to renew your account in due time, please send us an e-mail with your eletronic enrollment certificate. This procedure also applies for students who forgot to extend their accounts at the beginning of the semester.

"I forgot my password"

Please use the password reset page.

"I forgot my account name"

Please use the password reset page (2nd option). If you still remember the password, you don't need to actually change the password after you've been reminded of the login name.

"My Uni-ID isn't registered with my account, so the password reset does not work"

Please send us an e-mail with your eletronic enrollment certificate from your Uni-ID e-mail. If all fits, we'll change your registered E-mail address to your Uni-ID.

"I lost my paper application"

For a renewal request, simply download a new one from the application server. For a new account, send us an electronic enrollment certificate as e-mail.

"The password is too easy"

To construct a password for a computer science / b-it identifier, the following criteria must be met:

  • password must contain a minimal of 12 characters
  • first 8 characters must contain:
    1. Latin uppercase letters : A, B, C, … Z
    2. Latin lowercase letters : a, b, c, … z
    3. Arabic numbers : 0, 1, 2, … 9
    4. not alphanumeric characters : #?~:;,.{}()/_=%+-
  • The password must not be part of your login name or your correct name.
  • The character categories should appear mixed (not as in “1Hello2”).
  • Ingredients should not be found in a dictionary or dictionary.
  • Only characters from the above character category are allowed (1-4).

A little tip: think of a word and modify it: Example: Bleistift (engl. Pencil) → B1ejsT.ft (“k” becomes “1”, “i” becomes “j” and “.”)